Chalewote Bricolage

Cha-le-wo-te is the local name for flip-flops in Ghana. As a way of contributing to reclaiming our beaches in Southern Ghana, I collect found flip- flop debris which is abundance on the shores where I leave. Using traditional art concepts and craft techniques; I give that medium a new voice that speaks to issues of contemporary concerns.

“From the strident colour swatches to tempered harmonies of Kente and Batakari assemblages, he imbues the arrangements with humorous titles”. Atta Kwame (Kumasi, November 3, 2013)


Back to Nature

Chalewote art as installations in the landscape


Memory Repairs: This Is Not My Fault

Collaborative art project (installation and performance) between refugees from Ghana and Germany which use the artistic process of recycling found flip-flops into art to enable the migrants to share their stories, obtain psychological support and re-establish new relationships. The final installation and performance took place at the Frappant Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.


Curio Kiosk

An Intervention with kiosk at the Commercial Area of the KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana


Slipper Lilies

An installation of water lilies created from found flip-flops on the Amansuri River at Nzulezu in the Western Region of Ghana


Holy Grounds

Exhibition and performance at both the KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana and the Geumgang Nature Park in Gongju, South Korea, with carpets created from found flip-flops


Batakari Kɛsi

Performance at the KNUST in Kumasi, Ghana, with smock created from found flip-flops


Plastic Pack Stand Series (Chapter 1-5)

Installation and performance at the KNUST Museum and its environs in Kumasi, Ghana, with boxes and cartons made from found flip-flops.


The Nearby Market

Installation and performance of a local market at the KNUST Museum in Kumasi, Ghana, with mats created from found flip-flop and vegetables from the local market. 



Exhibition of found flip-flops woks at the Nubuke Foundation Gallery in East Legon, Accra, Ghana

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