In moments of silence, I map my thoughts on paper with pen and black ink. I incorporate several natural materials with art and craft methods such as painting, collage, and sewing to make my thoughts come to life.



I draw inspiration from my historical traditional Asafo flag art concepts to create personal Flag from found materials to meet contemporary aesthetic needs.


Lontoba Chapter 1

Public Intervention with contemporary Asafo flags at KNUST Commercial Area, Kumasi, Ghana, 2006



Asafo flags based on stories from Cape Town during the Great Walk and More Intervention at Greatmore Street, Woodstock, South Africa, 2010


Too Late

Public flag art performance with found object at Woodstock in Cape Town, South Africa, 2010



Asafo Flags from fabrics and found objects

I integrate traditional Asafo flag art concepts with contemporary aesthetics and found objects to create these transitional flag constellations.

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